Monday, 5 September 2016

Why, Oh Why, The Dye?

"By the way I saw the Useless Article (with dyed hair), - the blighter had the cheek to get into my carriage when my train stopped at Highgate. I did a nifty exit into the next carriage. What is the Northern line coming to? I noticed Farrant had dark brown hair, sandals, no mac, it was a hot day, what looked like a '70's shirt with large collar (charity shop), but no zimmer frame, as yet." — A. Hill (18 August 2016)

Why, oh why, does Farrant dye

His hair when there is no need

For a man in his seventies to try

To cover the grey and deceive?

We can all see the whiskers white

And undyed where sideburns greet

Strangely coloured hair and light

Grey bristles evidentially meet

Startled eyes expecting the chops

To match the darkened mop on top.

Why dye? 'Cause it's in the eye

Of the beholder that this is a lie.

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