Monday, 27 June 2016

The Night Consumes Feathery Farewells of Distant Waves

The night consumes feathery farewells of distant waves;
Darkness steals memories of vortexing vampire vapours;
As you slip into that void where only a name once spoken
Tells of another voluptuous time when we were not corpses
Feeding upon the elements of time and the sod's sad song.

I knew you as flaxen fairness flew around your face,
Eyes green glinting malachite meteorites skyward falling
Like tears understood as pearls of our inevitable parting.
Symbols of death emerged one by one with the mellow,
Sonorous sound of notes gently stroked and tinkling

Echoes of a piano plucking adagio-like at my soul,
As gently the footsteps descend into inky oblivion.

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