Monday, 1 November 2010

Rediscovering Past Acquaintances

I recently heard from a cousin who I have never met. She now lives in Los Angeles, having been raised in Surrey. She asked if I was the relative with the Newstead connection and went on to name my late mother about whom some documents were found after this person's grandmother passed away. I was delighted to inform her that I am that person and that we are related. She now plans to visit me at my retreat on the south coast of England.

I have been holding reunion dinners for friends, acquaintances and colleagues for a number of years. These have always been enjoyable occasions with good wine and excellent repast. Some people, however, might in the first instance prefer to have a more intimate setting without extra guests from outside. This, too, can be arranged. Should old acquaintances with whom I have lost touch wish to visit for a reunion dinner with conversation in an informal, convivial atmosphere, please let me know and it will be arranged.

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